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Going Mobile

The year is starting off promising and busy for Paisley Copy. We are working with a couple of new clients to revamp websites and conduct site analyses.

This new work reminds us that there is always something new on the horizon as advances in technology require us to think about things in new ways. For example, who predicted ten years ago that smartphones would become so prolific? Did we anticipate that so many people would use their mobile device or tablet to access the Internet?

According to the Pew Internet Project, as of January 2014, 58 percent of American adults have a smartphone and 43 percent own a tablet. These numbers are expected to keep growing. The Pew Internet Project also found that as of May 2013, 63 percent of adult cell owners use their phones to go online, and 34 percent of cell Internet users go online mostly using their phones, and not using some other device such as a desktop or laptop computer. (You can find more fascinating statistics in the Mobile Technology Fact Sheet.)

These are new ways to consume information (among other things) and it's smart to make sure your site is mobile-friendly. Sites that include responsive design ensure an optimal viewing experience, no matter which type of device is used. Take a look at your site from your mobile phone or a tablet. Are you happy with how it looks? Is it easy to navigate? If you'd like to see how your site looks and acts on a variety of devices, many free tools are available that will emulate how your site renders. Two of our favorites are and Screenfly.