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Animal Talk

This post has nothing to do with grammar, content or anything else work-related. Rather, I am sharing a link to some short videos highlighting fascinating animal behavior. I thought this would be a mellow and pleasant way to kick off the New Year. I think the Pac-Man frog slap shot may be my favorite. But then again, the spitting prowess of the archerfish is pretty impressive. I’d give kudos to the jumping spider’s brain, but I hate spiders so much that I can’t even watch past the first eight seconds. If you have a couple of minutes to spare, watch an entertaining video (or two) that doesn’t involve celebrity meltdowns, whacky kid antics or the reasons behind Starbucks getting your name wrong.

Okay, here’s a tiny bit of work-related news: we’re still helping to make improvements to The Nature Conservancy’s website. It’s really quite an awesome site with lots of compelling stories, videos and photos from around the world. We think this is such a stellar organization that we’ll plug it whenever we get the chance.