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Remembering Your Website

Do you remember your website? If you are like most business owners, you are consumed with managing the daily tasks needed to run your business successfully. You put up a website 5-10-15 years ago, and that was that. Every once in a while, you might think “Oh, I really should take a look at our site to be sure all the information is current.” But too often this chore takes a back seat to more pressing demands, and you never seem to get around to reviewing your web presence.

This amusing story reminds us why it is important to keep site content current and serves as a cautionary tale about the troubles that can arise from publishing outdated information: Watch This Harvard Prof Totally Own a Small Chinese Restaurant That Overcharged Him $4 for Takeout.

While this case is extreme, don’t get caught in the same predicament as Sichuan Garden. Set a date every month to review the contents of your site. You may find there are all sorts of new and exciting things that your business is doing and that you want to tell the world about.