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Why It Matters

I’ve come across several articles recently on the topic of typos, oversights, grammar mistakes and genuine misspellings. Why do these errors seem ever-more prevalent? One theory is that the corruption of proper writing and spelling skills is due in part to the rapid-fire missives being sent via texts and tweets. However, just because these methods of communication have resulted in this new type of language, does not mean the old standards and rules should be abandoned.

Wired explains in this interesting piece why it is so difficult to catch mistakes in one’s own writing: What’s Up With That: Why It’s So Hard to Catch Your Own Typos. We found the comments section at the end highly entertaining, especially the ones referring to the mistakes made by the author himself (snicker, snicker).

Usually the consequences of not thoroughly and repeatedly proofreading work before publishing or hitting the “send” button are not too grave. The mistakes may induce no more than a few snickers of laughter in the audience (see above) and a bit of shame in the writer. But this embarrassing (and quite hilarious) example had far-reaching effects: This Is What Happens When No One Proofreads an Academic Paper.

Heck even The Gray Lady is not immune to publishing glaring mistakes (on its front page, no less). This is one more reminder of why it’s important to double, or even triple, check your work before exposing it to the masses.

The New York Times, May 29, 2014

With all due respect, we must disagree with this author’s premise, an author who even cites this NYT typo! Why typos and spelling mistakes don't really matter. Errors reflect poorly on the business or the person that is being represented. It’s easy for a reader to make the assumption that if he or she finds errors, then the writer (or owner of the content) perhaps is sloppy in their business endeavors too. There is just no getting around that.

Call me pedantic, but I can’t help myself.